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The Revolutionary Science of Quantum Radar: Harnessing the Power of Entanglement

 How Scientists Are Using Entanglement to Create Quantum Radar Quantum radar is a promising technology that could revolutionize radar and improve its capabilities. It relies on entangled photons to detect objects and has the potential to be much more sensitive than traditional radar. In this process, entangled photons are sent out, and when they encounter an object, they become entangled with it, which can be detected by a receiver. Scientists are using the unique properties of entanglement to create quantum radar systems that are more precise and have a higher resolution than conventional radar. Entanglement is a fundamental property of quantum mechanics that allows particles to become intertwined in a way that their behavior is correlated even when separated by great distances. This correlation is what makes quantum radar so powerful, as it can detect objects that are too small or too far away for traditional radar to pick up. Quantum radar has the potential to improve surveillance a