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The Unbreakable Quantum Code: How Entanglement Could Change the World of Cybersecurity

How Entangled Particles Could Lead to Unbreakable Cryptography Quantum entanglement offers the potential to create unbreakable cryptography, which is a secure method for transmitting information. This is due to the strange and unique properties of entangled particles. When two particles are entangled, their states become linked and they will always be correlated, even when they are separated by vast distances. This correlation can be used to send information from one particle to the other, without the information actually travelling through space. One example of how entangled particles could be used for cryptography is through the creation of quantum keys. These keys would be generated by measuring the entangled particles, which would then be used to encrypt the information being transmitted. Any attempt to intercept or read the information would cause the entangled particles to become disturbed, alerting the sender and rendering the intercepted information useless. This form of crypto